All non-Curro scholars participating in the day will have an opportunity in their schedule to participate in one of 3 exciting workshops:


Isicathamiya Singing - Join Ladysmith Black Mambazo for a traditional Isicathamiya singing workshop. This a cappella style of choral music was developed in South Africa by migrant Zulu communities.  The most famous Isicathamiya group is the highly acclaimed Ladysmith Black Mambazo who have travelled the world with their music, winning numerous awards including Grammy's and SAMA's

The word "Isicathamiya" comes from the Zulu word meaning ""to walk or step on ones toes lightly.



Choreo 101 - Daisy Spencer is an award-winning actress, comedian, choreographer and dancer.  She is an experienced and enthusiastic facilitator and students will learn a dance routine for "Another Day of Sun" from La La Land.  Students will be challenged, stimulated, inspired and motivated.  The routine can then be polished up at home ready for a performance, so teachers, bring your cellphone to record the moves.



Beatboxing - Learn how to beat box with The Human Sound Machine, Mikey Mabatha. Mikey's ability is dazzling as he adds layers of instruments until you hear the whole band playing!  He begins each workshop with a performance and a little of his story. He will then coach your students through the various sounds they can make to master a beat.

These workshops will allow you to integrate fantastic skills into your choir performances and will inspire your students. 


You may choose to split your choir across the 3 workshops, but please indicate in your reply your preferred choice.  If one workshop is more popular than the other, we will have to allocate on a first come, first served basis to ensure the workshops are not over-subscribed.


Cost per school choir to partake in the massed choir event is R1 000, which contributes to the production costs on the day and covers your participation in a workshop.